Who Are we?

On this anniversary of the #January_Revolution, we launch #Third_Zawya, (Third Angel) a project to bring about a change in the prevailing journalistic style.

We want to provide our readers with meaningful information that is free from political interference and falsification. Our principles are those of democracy, freedom, equality, and transparency.

Our goal is to remain an independent authority rather than bowing to the authorities. We strive to cover topics such as politics, economics, rights, marginalized groups, freedoms, and democratization experiences.

With perseverance in our journalistic and creative abilities, we plan to cover Egypt and eventually expand throughout the Arab countries. We understand that many of us may have other jobs to sustain our livelihood, preventing us from publishing content in large numbers. However, we stand firm in our commitment to a free press and aim to move forward slowly. We are not deterred by financial difficulty and instead, inspire ourselves with the January revolution that proved that change is possible. We believe in our dream and refuse to abandon it for the sake of political money.